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URSUS on the agricultural exhibition in the capital of Zambia.

On 2-7 August URSUS once again has got an opportunity to present its tractors and agricultural machines to the guests of  91st Agricultural and Commercial Exhibition in the capital city – Lusaka. 

Welcome to Ursus

URSUS embodies over 120 years of development of mechanization of the Polish agriculture, gathering experience and cultivation of industrial traditions on the basis of the national capital. Our machines are used by successive generations of Poles. URSUS is undoubtedly the oldest Polish trademark of vehicles, machines and devices manufactured for the needs of agriculture.

The business profile of the Company is production and sales of tractors and agricultural machinery. In its range of products URSUS focuses on quality of manufacturing and modern design.  In this aspect our products are not inferior to the world leaders, and by including in our offer the well-tried agricultural machinery, URSUS S.A. obtains completely new opportunities  of development of the wide range of products. The principal idea of the Company is production of various machines and devices marked by European quality of performance and good price.