Current report 27/20172017-07-11

Current report 27/20167 (11.07.2017)


Conclusion of annexes to the agreements with Bank Millennium S.A.

Legal basis:

Art. 17 sec. 1 Market Abuse Regulation


The Management Board of the Issuer informs that on the 11th July 2017 the Issuer received the signed annexes to the agreements concluded by URSUS S.A. and Bank Millennium S.A. with the seat in Warsaw:

- Annex to the revolving credit agreement of 23.05.2013, as amended, according to which the credit amount was increased from 12.000.000 to 17.000.000 PLN,

- Annex to the agreement for the line of bank warranties and documentary letters of credit of 08.01.2013, as amended, according to which the line amount was increased from 12.000.000 PLN to 17.000.000 PLN,

The date of validity of the above-mentioned agreements remains the same, i.e. the 15th December 2017.

The other provisions of all above mentioned agreements with Bank Millennium S,A., including types of security, remain unchanged.

The financial means from the credit amount increase shall be used for financing the current activity of the Issuer.


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