Current report 28/20172017-07-19

Current report no. 28/2017 (19.07.2017)


Conclusion of an annex to the loan agreement with the Industrial Development Agency

Legal basis:

Art. 17 sec. 1 Market Abuse Regulation


The Management Board of the Issuer hereby informs that on the 27th January 2017 the company URSUS S.A. concluded with the Industrial Development Agency with the seat in Warsaw an annex to the loan agreement of the 29th May 2014, as amended, of which the Issuer informed in the current reports no. 22/2014/2014, 8/2015 and 3/2017.

According to the concluded annex, the amount of the loan granted to the Issuer by ARP S.A., for which the current commitment of URSUS S.A. is 11.580.000 PLN, was increased by the amount of 8.420.000. PLN.

The Parties agreed the new repayment schedule, according to which the loan capital shall be repaid in 50 equal monthly installments in the amount of 400.000 PLN.

According to the provisions of the annex, additional security of the receivables of ARP S.A. will be mortgage on the Issuer’s property in w Zakroczym, in the amount of 30.000.000 PLN.

The other provisions of the loan agreement with ARP S.A., including the other types of security, remain unchanged.

The financial means from the increased amount of the loan shall be used for financing the current activity of the Issuer.

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