The Ursus Factory was founded in Poland in 1893 on 15 Sienna Street, Warsaw, by three engineers and four businessmen, using dowry earnings of their seven daughters. It started producing exhaust engines and then later trucks and metal fittings intended for the Russian Tsar.
In 1930, the Ursus factory fell on hard times due to the world financial crisis and was nationalised under the Państwowe Zakłady Inżynieryjne (National Engineering Works, PZInż), the Polish manufacturer of arms and vehicles. It then began producing military tractors, tanks and other heavy machinery for troops. During World War II, PZInz was relocated to Germany by the Germans and the remains were destroyed. After the war, the Ursus Factory was rebuilt and started producing the Ursus C-45, a copy of German pre-war Lanz Bulldog tractor. During the 1950s, the Ursus factory began producing tractors using a Zetor-based design.
By 1961, there was a growing need for tractors in Poland, but the tractors produced by the Ursus factory did not meet the needs of Polish agriculture. A bilateral agreement was created between Poland and Czechoslovakia, where Czechoslovakia would provide the Ursus factory with the parts necessary to enlarge and modernise the factory and in exchange, Poland would supply Czechoslovak factories with raw materials. The goal was to construct a joint tractor industry where Poland and Czechoslovakia would combine to produce 120,000 tractors per year, as in 1963 Poland was only producing 15,000. In 1976 started production of new tractor C-330, of which  more than 400 thousand units had been sold till 1993. 
In the years 1960-1980 new prototypes of tractors were developed and new license tractors with different powers were assembled. 
A crucial year in the history of the company was the year 2011, when the company Ursus teamed up with the domestic producer of the agricultural machinery, the company POL-MOT Warfama S.A. Since that moment the company has dynamically developed.  The Management Board  decided to transfer the production of tractors to Lublin and extend the range of manufactured products. According to these assumptions, in the Lublin branch in December 2011 an official start-up of production  of the new generation of URSUS 11024 tractor took place. 
In the meantime,  the company started manufacturing of bale rollers and bale wrapping machines, as well self-loading bale trailers, which together constitute a complete technological line for collection and storage of green manure, hay and straw. Thus, the range of products of URSUS has been extended also with agricultural machinery. In its range of products the company URSUS S.A. focuses on quality of manufacturing and modern design. In this regard our products are not inferior to the world leaders. The principal idea of the company is production of various machines and devices marked by European quality of performance and Polish price.
Ursus S.A. is a unique company from the sector of agricultural machinery and equipment that in December 2007 made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 
The beginning of the year 2012 brought a dynamic development of URSUS production  and extension of the range of products with units of  power from 50 to 140 HP. In May 2012 during inauguration of the Polish-Turkish Economic Forum taking place in the building of the Ministry of Economy,  in presence of the  Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of  Economy, Mr. Waldemar Pawlak and the Minister of Economy of Turkey, Mr. Zafer Çağlayan, the company POL-MOT Warfama S.A. signed a contract for the production and sale of transmission of medium and high power of tractors. Thanks to cooperation with this Turkish company, the company Ursus can not only modernize transmissions based on the previous documentation, but also get opportunity of sales of tractors abroad and receive permanent inflows from license fees. 

On the 1st June 2012 the Company changed its name from the previous name POL-MOT Warfama S.A. to URSUS S.A.

On the 17th April 2013 the Ordinary General Meeting of URSUS S.A. decided  that the main seat of the company will be transferred from Dobre Miasto to Lublin.

This decision is consequence of the strategy adopted and implemented by the Management Board of URSUS, related to rapid development of the basic range of products consisting of tractors URSUS.  It results also from the wish to develop production of Urban means of transport, such as trolleybuses and buses. Moreover, the company in its strategy provides for further systematic development of production of the other machines and devices manufactured for agriculture.  

On the 24th September 2013 the Company concluded with the Ethiopian company Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) of Adama Agricultural Machinery  Industry (AAMI) with the seat in Adama (Oromia, Ethiopia) the agreement for delivery of tractors, equipment for servicing centers and supply of spare parts for tractors.  

On the basis of the concluded agreement, the Issuer will deliver 3.000 tractors in SKD and CKD form, in two instalments (each of 1.500 items), and will assure equipment for servicing centers and spare parts for tractors. The first supplies of tractors in the first stage of the agreement shall start at the turn of the second and the third quarter of the year 2014. The total amount of the agreement set as at the date of its conclusion is  90.000.000 USD.   

Execution of the above-mentioned agreement is a further step toward implementation of the strategy to rebuild the position of URSUS brand on the African markets and has the significant influence on the financial results of URSUS S.A. in the years 2014-2015. Besides, the Company undertakes actions aiming at reconstruction of the brand URSUS  on the market outsider Europe, including South Africa and Central-East Asia.

URSUS embodies over 120 years of development of mechanization of the Polish agriculture, gathering experience and cultivation of industrial traditions on the basis of the national capital. The business profile of the company is production and sales of agricultural tractors and machinery. The company runs three production plants in Poland. Ursus S.A. is the only company from the sector of agricultural machinery and equipment listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.