owijarka bel ursus z-586The Z-586 bale wrapper is a modern, trailed machine which helps to use the work time to the very maximum by using a front bale loading system while following the baler. The machine operator is not wasting time on maneuvering the whole set, directing the wrapper on a bale, driving perpendicularly to the direction of the baler. Bales can be wrapped on the move. The wrapper is provided with a bale layer for smooth bale discharge, allowing to operate on slopes. The loading arm easily picks up bales of up to 1000 kg of weight. The use of 750mm wide foil saves the wrapping time; to apply 4 layers of foil the bale must be wrapped 16 times only and not 24 times like with 500 mm wide foil. The effective wrapping time is reduced by approx. 33 %. The setting of drawbar from working to transport position and vice versa is hydraulically controlled. All the wrapper functions are automatically controlled from the tractor cabin. The wrapper is fully suited for the road transport.

Technical data URSUS Z-586
Wrapping machine drive hydraulic motor
Min. tractor horsepower, kW/HP 35 / 48
Diameter of wrapped bales, mm up to 1500
Max. bale width, mm 1200
Max. bale weight, kg 1000
Overall dimensions:
length x width x height, mm
4300 x 2200 x 1430
Weight, kg 1200
Foil width, mm 500, 750
Wrapping counter electronic
Tyre size 11.5/80 - 15,3
Option 400/60-15,5 tyres


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