platforma do bel ursus  t-665It has a compact and durable design. Above all, it is intended for transporting straw bales:
with the folded side lades – 22 straw bales in two rows,
with unfolded side lades – 33 straw bales in three rows – only beyond public roads.

Techncial data URSUS Z-665
Load capacity, t 7
Weight, kg 1890
Overall dimensions with folded lades:
length x width x height, mm
8980 x 2440 x 1560
Overall dimensions with unfolded lades:
length x width x height, mm
8980 x 3090 x 1560
Wheel track, mm 1825
Wheelbase, mm 4455
Height of platform above the ground, mm 1060
Loading area, m2 15,3
Travelling speed, km/h 25
Tire size 400/60-15,5 14PR
Min, tractor horsepower, kW/HP 35/48 35/48


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