zbieracz bel ursus t-127The T-127 bale trailer is intended for loading, transporting and unloading (stacking) bales of hay and straw. The operation of the machine is fully automatic. The tractor operator controls the machine by means of control unit located in the cab. The bale trailer is intended for use with tractors having external hydraulics pump capacity of at least 35 l/min and equipped with lower transport hitch.




Load capacity, kg 3600, 8 bales
Weight, kg 2620
Minimum tractor horsepower, kW/HP 50 / 68
Loading area, m2 12,4
Overall dimensions:
length x width x height, mm
6355 x 2550 x 2985
Internal dimensions of the load carrying body:
length x width, mm
5100 x 2435
Bale dimensions:
- diameter, mm 1200-1750
- length, mm

1200 - 1750
Maximum bale weight, kg 1200
Tyre size 400/60-15.5 14PR
Unloading backwards by 91°
Travelling speed, km/h 25
Load on the tractor hitch, kN (kg) 13,15 (1290)


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