Prospectus and annexes


Prospectus concerning public offer of shares of POL-MOT WARFAMA S.A. was approved by the Financial Supervision Committee, a body appointed to supervise the capital market in Poland, on 13 August 2007.

The e-paper version of the prospectus was published under article 45 and 47 of the Act on public offer and the conditions for introducing financial instruments to the organised trading system, and on public companies of 29 July 2005 (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 184, item 1539 with further amendments). The prospectus is the one and only legally binding document including data on POL-MOT WARFAMA S.A. and the Public Offering of shares.

Information provided in this page is not to be published or distributed outside the territory of the Republic of Poland. The offer is conducted exclusively in the territory of Poland. The prospectus may not be treated as a proposal or offer of purchase outside the territory of Poland. Neither the Prospectus nor securities covered by it have been the subject to registration, approval or notification in any state other than the Republic of Poland, in particular under directive 2003/71/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 4 November 2003 on the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading and amending Directive 2001/34/EC or provisions of law on public offering of securities effective in the United States of North America. Securities included in this Prospectus cannot be offered or sold outside the territory of the Republic of Poland (including the territories of other states of the European Union and the United States of North America), unless such offer or sale could be made in a given state in accordance with the law, without necessity to comply with any additional legal requirements. Information in the Prospectus is exclusively for (i) persons that are not American entities in the understanding of the American Act on Securities of 1933 with further amendments, and (ii) person visiting the web page where the Prospectus is published, exclusively from the territory of the Republic of Poland. Neither the issuer nor any other entity acting on behalf of and for the benefit of the issuer undertook or will undertake in the future any actions that could be regarded as public offering of shares of POL-MOT WARFAMA S.A. covered by this Prospectus in any state other than the Republic of Poland.

Law in some states other than the Republic of Poland may limit spreading the information placed in these web pages. Each Investor residing or having its registered office outside the Republic of Poland should acquaint himself with the provisions of the Polish law and the provisions of other states that may apply to it.

Investors should carefully acquaint themselves with the contents of the whole Prospectus, in particular with risks related to investing in shares and right to shares, described in the point titled “Risk factors” and the conditions of the offer. Any investment decisions referring to these securities should be taken after performing analysis of the whole Prospectus.

Share issue prospectus is published in Polish version only