Description and objectives of the issuance


Objectives of the issuance

The issuance of the series N shares aims at obtaining by URSUS findings to support its investment processes, i.e.:

§  Development of the line for production of agricultural tractors in the Branch in Lublin in order to adjust the factory for manufacturing of minimum 2 000 tractors per year, including renovation and adaptation of assembly halls, purchase of necessary equipment and realization of tooling  for production of cabins and tractors, as well as modernization of products manufactured in the Brand (research and development costs).

§  Purchase of specialized machinery and devices in order to modernize and improve technological processes in the Branch in Dobre Miasto.


The Company expects to obtain from the issuance of the Series N Shares ca. gross 8 million PLN.


In case the findings from the issuance of the series N shares is found to be insufficient to achieve the defined objectives or in case the actually obtained revenues are lower than expected, the Group will additionally use external financing by bank loans, leasing or by issuance of debt securities. Wielkość pozyskanego finansowania dłużnego byłaby uzależniona od zdolności kredytowej Grupy.


The financial findings obtained from the issuance of the Series N Shares, till all the objectives of the issuance will be achieved, will increase the working capital of the Group. Surplus findings will be invested in financial instruments of limited risk (i.e. bank deposits, the National Treasury bonds).


According to the knowledge of the Management Board, at the Date of the Prospectus POL-MOT Holding S.A. intends to perform its pre-emptive right in full. According to the information transmitted by the members of the management and supervisory bodies of the Issuer, any of these persons does not intend to take part in the Offering.  

Moreover, the Management Board does not have knowledge whether any other entity intends to subscribe within the Offering for shares – as  such, or together with the shares previously held by the subscriber – more than 5% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of the Issuer.