Motor Lublin driven by Ursus2014-06-26

This year the company Ursus SA will support Motor Lublin with the amount of several hundred thousand Polish zlotys, and in return it will obtain a title of strategic sponsor and position in the supervisory board of this football club. It will be occupied by Marcin Nowicki, director of the company’s legal department. However, the offered financial support will be as much important as opportunity of benefiting by Motor from the experience and contacts worked out during the earlier cooperation of the main shareholder of URSUS with another club - „Legia Warszawa”.          

- URSUS S.A. has been operating in Lublin from 2011 and it may be said that we have had a few years of good experience in cooperation with the city authorities. Although all the time we are at the at the beginning of our road, very similarly to Motor Lublin, which after a decrease just now is starting reestablishment of its position. It may be said that actually we are at a similar stage of development, i.e. come back of URSUS to the global economy and of Motor Lublin to the Ekstraklasa. It is sure that there will be many difficulties to be dealt with along our common way, but taking into consideration our potential and quick development of Lublin, our goals will be reached - said Karol Zarajczyk, President of the Management Board of URSUS SA

In the President’s opinion, Lublin city deserves to have a strong football club, which in the future will achieve success in the Ekstraklasa. Now in Lublin one of the most modern stadium in Poland is in the final stage of construction. To its construction contributed the same designers that were responsible for construction of the legendary stadium belonging to Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabeu. As assured in the conference Krzysztof Żuk, president of Lublin city, he will make every effort so as the stadium will not remain empty and will bustle with  interesting events, ensuring fans a lot of sport emotions.

-From our side we will fight for recovery of the team, which can reach the highest goals. The city deserves good football. I can not immagine such a stadium without good football. -added Karol Zarajczyk.

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