Press releases - The subsidy for Ursus from NCR&D (NCBiR)2015-09-23

The National Centre for Research and Development gave Ursus SA a positive mark for the content of the project regarding the work, development and the production of „VIGUS” tractor transmission which has the power ranging from 120 to 180 HP. The project was presented within the frame of the contest "Projekty B+R przedsiębiorstw" (“R&D projects of enterprises”) subaction 1.1.2 „Prace B+R związane z wytworzeniem instalacji pilotażowej/demonstracyjnej” (“The R&D work connected with the creation of the pilot study/demonstration installation”). The total value of the realised project is 283 873,37 PLN. However, the subsidy from the NCR&D is estimated to reach 11 313 549,35 PLN.

Basing on the results published by the NCR&D, the project of URSUS was placed as the 10th on the list of 15 projects of large enterprises recommended for subsidies. The main aim of this project is to develop and use the new innovative construction of  the transmission in URSUS tractors.

A transmission is the most significant mechanical system of every tractor and the possibilities of using an agricultural machine depend on its durability and effective functioning.  The effect of the project will be the production and sale of an innovative transmission which could be used for the assembling of own tractors as well as those destined to other international producers. Thanks to this solution, URSUS S.A. as the only Polish company will be included to the elite group of transmission producers. As a result of research and development of the construction, this solution will be used for tractors of 100-180 HP.

122 applications for the total subsidy of over 1,3 billion PLN were issued for the contest. There have been two stages of  the content analysis of the projects so far. The “VIGUS” transmission earned a positive mark, thus it could get a recommendation for the subsidy. 

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