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On 5 October 2015 URSUS S.A. was awarded the title of the Innovator of 2015 within the industry sector by the weekly magazine Wprost”. The Company was proclaimed one of the most dynamic entities in the sector of modern technologies. URSUS has got its own R&D centre where research over the innovative solutions, e.g. the construction of „Vigus” tractor transmission, is carried out.

– The award of the Innovator of Wprost” is for us a matter of pride. When in 2011 we decided to take over the fallen Polish URSUS and invest in its recovery, only a relatively small number of people believed in the success of this mission. Today Ursus is a Polish brand built up basing on innovative solutions and it has been increasing its share in the domestic and foreign marker ever since –  said Karol Zarajczyk, the President of the Management Board of URSUS S.A.

The President Zarajczyk emphasized that the company pays a lot of attention to the development in the field of innovative technologies. – The development of the company’s potential, which is based on innovative solutions, is one of our priorities. We have got the largest R&D centre in this business. Moreover, in our centre in Lublin we cooperate with the engineers from Lublin University of Technology as well as with Military University of Technology in Warsaw. We create there new innovative products promoting Polish technological solutions  – said Karol Zarajczyk.

The Innovator of „Wprost” is a prize which has been awarded since 2011. Its aim is to promote innovation. In years 2011-2013 the awards were given basing on the ”List of 500 most innovative enterprises” created by the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.  Presently, as it was in the previous year, the basis for the award was the Innovation Research 2015, which is realized by „Wprost”, the weekly magazine, on its own.


URSUS expands and modernises its production base in the country and invests in research and development. Since 2010 the company has got its own research and development centre - URSUS R&D in Lublin, which cooperates with the leading universities in Poland: Lublin University of Technology in Lublin and Military University of Technology in Warsaw. In 2013 the company signed an agreement with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) concerning the subsidy for the project of building a modern laboratory – URSUS R&D in Lublin, whose main goal is to increase the innovation of the production processes and the competitiveness of the offer. In 2014 the company modernised the production hall in Lublin, which this year was been supplied with modern research and development equipment.


A research over expanding the product offer of the company is carried out in the R&D centre in Lublin. The research includes the work on the development and creation of a transmission – the most important mechanical component of each tractor and on its strength as well as effective functioning depend the possibilities of an agricultural machine. The company received 11,3 million PLN of subsidy (the cost of the project is 28,3 million PLN) for this project from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR). The effect of the complete project will be the production and sale of an innovative transmission which could be used for own high-power tractors and for other world-renowned producers. Thanks to such a solution, URSUS as the only Polish company will join the elite of the transmission producers. Thus, the position of the company will increase not only on the domestic but also on the international market.

The result of the work of the centre in Lublin is also the first electric bus called  Ursus Ekovolt, which is the element aiming at the development of the company in the field of city transport. The bus distinguishes by its innovative technical solutions. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries of total capacity of 120 kWh and it is equipped in 4 sets of interchangeable batteries which can be used up to 6 years. The Batteries are interchangeable and they are placed at the sides of the vehicle. The bus can run on one charge about 200 km. The first user of the vehicle is the city of Lublin. The company plans to sell such vehicles home and abroad.

In 2014 URSUS used about 17 million PLN to develop its production base and its offer. However, in 2015 the plan is to use for this reason around 29,4 million PLN.


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Information about the company:

URSUS S.A. is the biggest Polish producer of tractors and agricultural machinery and the brand itself has over 120 years of tradition in the mechanisation of Polish agriculture. The company offers a broad range of vehicles, machines and devices produced for agriculture in the country and outside it. The products of URSUS meet the demands and needs of all generations of farmers combining the tradition of Polish motorisation with modernity and world quality. URSUS is the oldest brand of Poland which is world-renowned and it has the potential for further development.

The company has got three production plants: in Dobre Miasto, in Opalenica and the biggest one in Lublin, where the total number of workers reaches about 700. URSUS produces annually around 1 200 tractors and several thousands of agricultural machines sold in Poland and abroad.

The group belongs to the key investors of the Lubelskie region where it has its production base and R&D laboratory. URSUS R&D cooperates on innovative solutions with the engineers from Lublin University of Technology as well as with Military University of Technology in Warsaw. The Management Board wants to use its 120-year-old tradition of Polish engineers and constructors to create in Lublin a modern research and development centre. The products of URSUS have thousands of clients home and abroad, e.g. they go to Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands or Pakistan. Out of 1,5 million tractors used now in Poland, over a half, that is about 700 000 are the ones of URSUS.

Furthermore, since the past years URSUS has become also a leader of Polish exporters to Africa. In 2013 – within the framework of the agreement between the Polish and Ethiopian government – the group concluded a contract to supply tractors, equipment, service centres, spare parts and trainings with the METEC company (Ethiopia). On 26 August 2015 URSUS signed another contract to deliver tractors, trailers and spare parts for the transport of sugar cane with Ethiopian Sugar Corporation (ESC). The agreement reaches in total the amount of 30,7 million USD and it contains an option to extend the order by 25% till the end of September. The order will be realized in the 4th quarter of 2015. The contract with ESC is the second African agreement for URSUS – it is an effect of winning the tender in which the technical and financial offer of URSUS got the highest mark.


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