On the 14th April URSUS obtained the type-approval certificate for electric bus. The new product was designed in order to respond to growing domestic demand for ecological vehicles in connection with the EU green transport requirements.  The vehicle is effect of works of Polish engineers and designers from the R&D center URSUS in Lublin with support of the company AZM Kutno. The first user of the URSUS bus is the city of Lublin.

With the current level of air pollution and road traffic in the cities, ecological buses are the future in the road transport. In relation with implementation of the green transport policy, we expect increased demand for this type of buses in Poland and other European countries. We believe that with our bus we will seize not only Lublin or other Polish cities, but also prospective markets in Western Europe - said Karol Zarajczyk, President of the Management Board URSUS S.A.

Introduction of the new vehicle into the company’s offer results from execution of the development strategy of the brand URSUS, including diversification of products based on the Polish technological idea and domestic production facilities. URSUS electric bus is one of the first projects of the research and development center URSUS R&D, and its production will take place in the company’s factory in Lublin.

Electric bus is another product of URSUS brand – after reactivation of the legendary C series tractors – with which we confirm our consistency in development of the company URSUS and show the first successes in reconstruction of the Polish automotive center in Lublin – emphasises Karol Zarajczyk, President of the Management Board URSUS S.A.

URSUS EKOVOLT electric bus – new product made by URSUS

URSUS electric bus is driven with lithium-ion batteries of total power capacity 200 kWh. The bus is equipped with 4 sets of removable batteries to be used in 6 years. With charged battery it can travel at least 200 km. The batteries will charged at the end stops, where will be installed quick charging points  - in 15 minutes the battery will be charged in 80 percent, which will allow driving another distance of 100 km. The vehicle is 12-meter long, it can  take even 70 passengers, there will be 23 seating places.

URSUS electric bus stands out due to innovative technical solutions, good price and easy operation. The batteries are removable and placed on the sides of the vehicle, at the level of the floor, not on the roof, like in competing brands. Thanks to this solution batteries are easily accessible and quickly replaceable – added the President Zarajczyk.

Further development of the offer

Within the development of the brand URSUS, with use od production and R&D facilities, the company diversifies its range of products offered for the domestic and foreign markets. In 2013 URSUS concluded with the Public Transport Authority of Lublin a contract for for delivery of new, low-floor urban trolleybuses for the city of Lublin in years 2013-2015. In 2014 the company delivered 19 vehicles. In 2015 URSUS is executing the last lot, i.e. 19 trolleybuses. In 2014 URSUS allocated about 17 million PLN for development of the offer and construction of its production facilities. This year the company plans to allocate another 24 million PLN for investments.

Development of production facilities and URSUS R&D in Lublin  

In 2013 URSUS concluded with PARP an agreement in the amount of 8 million PLN for co-financing the project of construction of a modern laboratory R&D, aimed at increasing innovation of production processes and competitiveness of the company’s offer. The total value of the project is about 23,6 million PLN and it will be executed by the end of the first half 2015. The center for research and development URSUS R&D was established in 2010 and cooperates with engineers from Lublin University of Technology and the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. One of the first actually executed projects of URSUS R&D is construction of urban electric bus for Lublin. This project is executed by the consortium with the Public Transport Authority of Lublin and Lublin University of Technology.

The company plans also an investment in equipment of the production plant in Lublin. In 2014 the company designated 5,6 million PLN for modernization of the production which this year will be equipped with modern R&D equipment. This investment in years 2014-2015 will cost about 16 million PLN.

Development of production and R&D facilities is one of our strategic priorities. We would like to use the strength of the brand and potential of Polish engineers and designers to establish in Lublin a modern research and production center, with a view of rebuilding the tradition of Polish automotive industry, going back to the pre-war years, stresses Karol Zarajczyk, President of URSUS S.A. 



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