The company Ursus started shipments to Ethiopia2014-09-23

The company Ursus started shipment to Ethiopia of the first lot of tractors ordered by the company Metals and Engineering Corporation. According to the contract concluded in September 2013 with Metals and Engineering Corporation, Ursus shall receive 90 million dollars for delivery of tractors. The contract relates to delivery of 3.000 tractors, equipment for servicing centers and delivery of spare parts. According to the contract, its execution starts at the turn of the II and III quarter 2014. Now the company URSUS started shipment of 1.500 tractors of 50, 80, 110, 140 and 180 HP, equipment for servicing centers and spare parts. Metals and Engineering Corporation is a military corporation fully controlled by the Ethiopian government, operating in many economic sectors, employing more than 30 000 people, responsible for the governmental investments in the energy industry, infrastructure, agriculture and automotive sector.  

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