URSUS S.A. became sponsor of Damian Janikowski - a bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in London!2013-09-23

A bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in London, Damian Janikowski gained a new sponsor which became the company URSUS S.A. from Lublin. The sponsorship agreement   will be effective for the period of world championships with possibility of its continuation.

For many months friends of Damiana Janikowskiego from Polska Kadra Olimpijska.tv together with Andrzej Supron have been trying to find a sponsor for our olympic medalist in order to enable him  preparations to the most important events in the world. Finally after long efforts the company URSUS S.A. manufacturing machines and devices for agriculture, decided to sponsor the player of  KS Śląsk Wrocław. The sponsorship agreement was concluded for the period of the world championships in Budapest with possibility of its continuation. The result achieved by Damian in the Hungarian will be relevant, however now we can already be satisfied with the fact that there is a company which decided to help our the best wrestler. On Damian’s outfit in Budapest there will be the logo URSUS and in return Damian will get financial support that will help him prepare calmly to the next events.



On Saturday evening Damian Janikowski finished competition at the World Championships in wrestling in the weight category up to 84 kg. He fell short by a little. At first arbiters
for more than 2,5 minutes didn’t adjudicate passivity of an Iranian player in the semi-final fight,  what considerably contributed to the failure, and then, during the fight for the third position, with the result 2:2 the player gaining points as the second is rewarded. In this case it was a Belarusian player. Damian is the fifth player in the world and now he starts preparations to the European Championships that will take place at the beginning of April 2014. 

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