Ursus as precursor of innovative electric buses2014-05-06

The company URSUS S.A., the Municipal Transport Company of Lublin and Lublin University of Technology, with support of the Municipality of Lublin City, concluded a consortium agreement related to developing and introducing into production innovative electric bus. This modern vehicle will be driven with lithium-ion batteries. Such a bus will be produced for needs of the Municipality of Lublin City.

The subject of the agreement concluded on the 6th May 2014 is conducting research and development works and production of 12-meter low-floor electric bus, which with charged battery can travel at least 200 km.

- As a city we are an active partner for entrepreneurs, well-prepared for efficient connection between business and science. Every day with our activities we support entrepreneurs, companies and scientists. We try to support initiatives that contribute to development of Lublin city and its inhabitants. So it i also in this case. This innovative bus ultimately will serve passengers of the urban transport - says Krzysztof Żuk, President of Lublin City.

The innovative solution used in construction of the bus is placing batteries, contrary to the common placing on the bus roof, but on the sides of the vehicle, at the level of the floor. It will allow a quick and smooth replacement of batteries.

- Designing and manufacturing electric buses is the next, natural step, which not without reason immediately follows production of the first lot of trolleybuses for Lublin city and it is perfectly consistent with the strategy of the company URSUS S.A. SA - says Karol Zarajczyk, the President of the Management Board of URSUS S.A.We have been thinking about production of buses driven only with lithium-ion batteries practically since the beginning of our adventure with the urban transport - adds the President.

The propulsion engines with a power of 150 kW will be placed in the wheel hubs of the rear axles and driven with lithium-ion batteries of minimum power capacity 200 kWh. Their durability is expected to be at least 6 years. The bus designed by the consortium will be able to take even 70 passengers, there will be 23 seating places. Besides, this bus will have air-conditioned area both for passengers and driver and it will be able to charge quickly its battery at the end stop  - in 15 minutes.

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