Ursus in gardening segment 2015-06-01

The company Ursus S.A. concluded with the company NAC Sp. z o.o. a license agreement for use of trademarks URSUS in labelling selected series of manufactured gardening tools and their sales and servicing in Poland and  abroad. Thanks to the concluded contract, the company  Ursus S.A. will receive royalty based on sales of gardening tools manufactured by the company NAC, while NAC will obtain new opportunities of use of the most popular brand in Poland and abroad.   

We decided to cooperate in sector of gardening tools with the company NAC because similarly to us, this is a typically Polish, rapidly developing company with high-quality products – said Karol Zarajczyk, President of URSUS S.A. – The products manufactured by the company NAC constitute a sort of complement to the range of products of URSUS S.A. addressed to the gardening sector. Till now our brand has been mainly associated with tractors and the widely understood agriculture, now, with conclusion of the agreement, we decided to extend our business activity to gardening. The cooperation with NAC is a guarantee of delivery of high quality Polish products sold with URSUS brand. 

- For us this cooperation means extension of the market offer and entering a new, higher market segment - said Marcin Przytulski, managing director of NAC. This is also an exchange of experience and a challenge of cooperation with one of the most deeply rooted and so well-recognized Polish brands.  

From the moment of concluding the agreement NAC Sp. z o.o. has become the exclusive licensed producer, seller and distributor of gardening tools labeled with URSUS brand. The concluded agreement represents an embodiment of execution of the strategy of URSUS brand revitalization in cooperation with other entities with only Polish capital also in the gardening sector.

The huge experience of the company NAC in production and distribution was a significant factor and an impulse for conclusion of this agreement. The products of the company NAC are based on their own technical documentation, rigorously observed process of quality control at each stage of production, a dedicated team of quality control using professionally equipped laboratory, tools and measuring instruments, therefore from their production line are coming down high quality products.

Information about the companies:

URSUS S.A. is the biggest Polish manufacturer of agricultural tractors and machinery with the brand of 120 years of development of mechanization of the Polish agriculture. The company offers a wide range of  vehicles, machinery and devices for needs of agriculture in Poland and abroad. The products of URSUS S.A. meet the expectations and needs of all generations of farmers, combining the excellent tradition with modernity and high quality.

URSUS is the oldest national brand with global reputation and development potential.

The company runs now three production plants: in Dobre Miasto, Opalenica and the biggest plant in Lublin and employs in total over 700 people. URSUS manufactures per year about 1,2 thousand tractors and several thousand of agricultural machines sold in Poland and abroad.

The Group is one of the key investors in the Lublin region, where it develops its production and R&D facilities. URSUS R&D cooperates with engineers from Lublin University of Technology and the Military University of Technology in Warsaw in developing innovative technological solutions. The Management Board intends to use the 120- year tradition of the brand and potential of Polish engineers and designers to establish in Lublin a modern research and production center.

The products URSUS get to thousands of clients in Poland and in the world. The number of 1,5 million tractors actually used in Poland includes 700 thousand of tractors with URSUS brand. Recently URSUS is among the key Polish exporters to Africa. In 2013 - within the agreement between the Polish and Ethiopian governments - the Group concluded a contract with the company METEC (Ethiopia) for delivery of 3 thousand tractors, equipment for servicing centers, spare parts for tractors and trainings.

NAC Sp. z o.o. is one of the most rapidly growing distributors of gardening tools in Europe.  This company with almost 25-year tradition offers devices with various labels offers indispensable to lay out and tend a garden, as well as to maintain order around a house throughout the year. The offer of NAC includes electric and combustion devices, among which lawn mowers, cutters, trimmers, chainsaws, scissors, snow ploughs, pressure washers, power generators, pumps. The products NAC may be bought in several hundred retail outlets and the largest commercial networks:  Castorama, Praktiker, OBI, NOMI, Bricomarche, PSB Mrówka, Makro Cash & Carry, Real, Auchan, Media Expert, Avans. NAC cooperates with recipients on European markets. The NAC’s products may be bought in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia. In the subsequent years, the NAC’s products will be available in the retail network in the Western Europe. All products sold in the network are covered with a 2-year warranty. The network of authorized serving centers comprises 100 locations in Poland.

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