The biggest African contract of Ursus24-03-2017

On 23rd March 2017 URSUS S.A. signed a contract with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) for the delivery of 2694 tractors and 2509 agricultural machines together with equipment and spare parts. The contract also includes the set-up of an assembly plant and 10 service centres on the territory of Zambia. The total amount of the contract is 100 million USD. It is the biggest African contract of URSUS. Up till today, the company has concluded projects in Africa for the total value of 140 million USD.

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The President of Ethiopia visits URSUS assembly line19-11-2015

The President of Ethiopia visits URSUS assembly line

On 18th November 2015 the President of Ethiopia dr Mulatu Teshome visited the assembly line of URSUS tractors in Adama, Ethiopia. During the visit he had an opportunity to take a look at the technology of the tractor assembly line and he personally carried out the final quality test using the diagnostic equipment delivered by URSUS S.A. as a part of the contract.

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URSUS has concluded another contract in Africa

- it will deliver tractors, tools and spare parts to Tanzania


22nd October 2015 URSUS S.A. in the presence of Mr Mizengo Pinda, the Prime Minister of Tanzania,  and Mr Hussein Ally Mwinyi, the Minister of National Defence, as well as Mr Lech Wałęsa, the former President of Poland, signed a contract with National Service Corporation Sole (SUMA JKT) for the delivery of 2400 tractors, tools and spare parts. The agreement also includes equipping the assembly hall and service centres located in Tanzania. The total worth of the contract in the date of its signing is 55 million USD. The agreement will be realized in the first three quarters of 2016. 

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On 5 October 2015 URSUS S.A. was awarded the title of the Innovator of 2015 within the industry sector by the weekly magazine ”Wprost”. The Company was proclaimed one of the most dynamic entities in the sector of modern technologies. URSUS has got its own R&D centre where research over the innovative solutions, e.g. the construction of „Vigus” tractor transmission, is carried out.

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Press releases - Ambassador of the Polish Economy24-09-2015

On 23 September 2015 URSUS has been awarded with the title of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the “Export” category. The award was granted by the Business Centre Club. URSUS received the award for its success in the export markets and for its promotion of Poland abroad.

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Press releases - The subsidy for Ursus from NCR&D (NCBiR)23-09-2015

The National Centre for Research and Development gave Ursus SA a positive mark for the content of the project regarding the work, development and the production of „VIGUS” tractor transmission which has the power ranging from 120 to 180 HP. The project was presented within the frame of the contest "Projekty B+R przedsiębiorstw" (“R&D projects of enterprises”) subaction 1.1.2 „Prace B+R związane z wytworzeniem instalacji pilotażowej/demonstracyjnej” (“The R&D work connected with the creation of the pilot study/demonstration installation”). The total value of the realised project is 283 873,37 PLN. However, the subsidy from the NCR&D is estimated to reach 11 313 549,35 PLN.

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On 26th August 2015 URSUS S.A. concluded a contract with the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation (ESC) for delivering tractors, trailers and spare parts for transporting sugar cane. The contract of 30,672 million USD includes an option of increasing the value of the order by 25% till the end of September 2015. The order will be executed in the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016. The agreement with ESC is the second African contract of URSUS and it is the result of winning the tender in which the financial and technical proposal of URSUS was given the highest assessment declassifying all other tenderers.

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Prime Minister with the Marshal visited Ursus.29-07-2015

Janusz Piechociński, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy, as well as Sławomir Sosnowski, the Marshal of the Lubelskie Region, visited the URSUS plant in Lublin. During their visit they had a chance to look at the full range of tractors of the new URSUS C series, which are mainly dedicated to European markets, and URSUS A series exported to Africa.

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President of URSUS - Mr Karol Zarajczyk became a new member of the Council of Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering 19-06-2015

On 19th June Mr Karol Zarajczyk – President of Ursus S.A. was appointed and assumed the duties of member of the Council of Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering with the seat in Poznan.

"I am very satisfied with this appointment because this is a kind of  appreciation of my work so far for the market of agricultural machinery. At the same time I am aware of the responsibility that falls on me and the necessity to work even more intensely for development of agriculture." - said Karol Zarajczyk – President of URSUS S.A.

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Ursus supports Africa16-06-2015

From 7-15 June in Johannesburg (South Africa) took place on 25 African Union Summit, which was attended by 54 heads of state of the continent. During the plenary session of the Summit, each leader was handed over one self-propelled rotary cultivator manufactured in Ursus factories, which is a symbol of the start of mass mechanization of agriculture in Africa. - As the oldest Polish company with 120 years of experience in manufacturing tractors and agricultural machines is ready to share their knowledge and experience in the development, delivery and implementation of new technologies on the African continent - said Karol Zarajczyk, president of Ursus SA. - We hope that by offering assistance in the form of supply of tractors,  agricultural machinery and assembly halls, supplied among others by our company, Africa soon will be able to considerably increase agricultural production and thereby raise the standard of living of all the inhabitants of this region.

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