• modular design
  • corrosion-resistant material
  • very good uniformity of spreading
  • hydraulic control of matering ports
  • jack as option

The N-072 two-disc spreader is intended for spreading fertilisers. Its module- type design makes its maintenance and servicing very easy. The hopper capacity enables to load fertiliser from 500 kg or 1000 kg big
-bags (1300 I hopper with extension). This allows fertiliser to be rationally used on large and small farms. The most exposed to corrosion parts and points of the fertiliser are made of rust-resistant material, i.e. the part of the hopper close to the mixer ( where fertiliser moves intensively), spreading discs, spreading vanes and connecting bolts, nuts etc. The use of many plastic elements at the junction of painted elements protects the coating against losing tightness and rust. The highly resistant coating formed by chemically resistant two-element paint also provides a long life. Dosing slots located within the vicinity of spreading disc axes and the optima! speed of discs ensure a very good uniformity of spreading and protect fertiliser granules against damage. The precise spreading dose is set by means of adjustable cover plate and appropriately shaped dosing slot. The adjustment of spreading width is performed by changing the angle of vanes with respect to the spreading disc.

Hopper capacity / with hopper extension, I 750 / 1300
Tractor PTO speed, rpm 540
Spreading width, m 10 - 24
Metering ports control hydrauliczne
Number of spreading discs 2
Number of vanes on the disc 2
Spreading dose, kg/ha 50 - 800
Working speed, km/h 25
Working speed, km/h 6 - 12
Length, m 1,2
Width, m 2
Height, m 1
Spreader weight / with extension 250 / 285
Min. tractor power without extension, kW/HP 45/60
Min. tractor power with extension, kW/HP 60/82


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