• self-supporting design
  • large inspection manhole
  • large tank diameter
  • three gate-valves
  • as a standard
  • large hose diameter

The slurry tankers are intended for emptying tanks with manure, transporting them and pouring the manure out at sites indicated for this purpose. There is a possibility of using tankers for irrigation, (non-potable) water transport, yard cleaning, and at construction sites. The self- frame significantly increases the strength of tankers. Three connections ensure safe and ergonomic operation of the tanker. As a standard, the tankers are provided with 3 stub pipes: two lateral pipes– on the left and on the right, with mounted brass gate- valves opened manually
and one rear stub pipe– with the mounted brazen gate- valve
opened hydraulically and the spilling spoon. The vacuum pumps manufactured by Battioni Pagani give a guarantee
of durability and reliability. The anti-corrosion protection allows
the operation for many years. The tank made of sheet metal with a thickness of 5 mm is hot- dip galvanised inside and outside. The valves providing protection against over- pressure and under- pressure make the barrel resistant to damage caused by exceeding the nominal pressure. The three inspection holes enable the full tank filling control. Bulkhead walls have been applied inside (2 for the 10000 l tanker and 1 for 8000 l tanker), protecting the liquids from overflowing, especially during the sudden braking process, as well as while travelling on an uneven surface with the tank not filled completely. This makes that negative phenomenon of drum swinging and unnecessary loads on tractor hitch are reduced or even eliminated.

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